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The CHMA Board of Directors believe being nice can go a long way. To make it possible for a safe place and to support true collaboration, creativity and idea exchange we are committed to supporting a respectful community for all delegates, virtual attendees, volunteers, partners, vendors, speakers, and other participants at CHMA events.

Privacy Policy

This event website ( is used for the sole purpose of communicating information related to the Annual National Conference hosted by the Campus Hospitality Mangers' Association (CHMA). Full privacy and terms and conditions can be found our the main website

Expectations & Behaviour

Professional conduct is expected from all CHMA conference attendees and partners. Respect all individuals and contribute to a positive environment that is free of hostile and offensive behaviours.Uphold the local law. 

Alcohol & Cannabis responsibility. Responsible consumption of these legal substances is accepted if consumed in accordance to the local laws. CHMA School-Members are representing their schools and the association and should take steps to ensure that no member, including themselves, will break any local laws if purchasing, consuming, or sharing during a sponsored event. Should members consume more than a reasonable amount, CHMA will make efforts to help keep those individuals from causing harm to themselves or others, and seek legal action if they can not.


We welcome social media use at the CHMA conference, including live tweeting of public sessions such as the exhibitors hall "Biz Hall" and reception areas. We ask that you adhere the to following:


  • Seek consent and treat all attendees, participants, volunteers, speakers and presenters with respect

  • Use the hashtag #ONEcampus and commonly used hashtags that relate to the content

  • Credit or tag presenters by name and ensure that if "confidential" information or if the speakers have stated "no video or photos" of their presentation, that you respect the statement and adire

  • Do not take or share photos or video of individuals under the legal age of 18, without written permission of a parent or guardian

  • Use judgement if taking photos or videos involving alcohol, cannabis, or gambling. As social media accounts can reach many individuals, be mindful of brand names, glamorization, or conflicts with employer / business policies.

CHMA photographers and videographers may be throughout the CHMA events. By attending the  conference sessions, CHMA attendees agree that their photograph may be used in CHMA member communications and promotional materials. 

Refund Policy

In the event of a cancellation, conference fees are refundable until May 4, 2023. If you renewed your annual School-Members at the time of registration, that fee will be non-refundable. If you cancel after May 4, 2023 only 50% of your conference related fees (less $50 admin fee) will be refunded. After June 1, 2023 no refunds will be issued.


It is your sole responsibility to notify the event organizers if you can no longer attend the event or conference. Attendee (or Delegate) registrations are transferable between other staff of the same School-Membership account. The 2023 event will also have a Virtual Pass that could be an option for you to still attend. Please contact us with at least 2-business days notice for any delegate name changes. All questions can be directed to:

Personal Data

What personal data do we collect and why do we collected it? 

We will only contact you when we need to. By registering for the annual conference hosted by CHMA, you were required to provide your consent, during registration. We will send you a few emails to keep you updated on any changes to the conference program or information related to the event, session, or meeting times.

All emails will come from but may be delivered by a third-party application (example: Mailchimp or Ticket Tailor). When you agree to join a LIVE event or session, you will also be required to review and agree to any third-party web conferencing providers (example: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or LogmeIn).

If you subscribed to our CHMA eNews email notices, you are free to unsubscribe at anytime. Our eNews communications do not affect your School-Membership status nor your conference reservation or login status in any way. If you would like to request to have your data removed from ALL CHMA services, please email us directly at


We also don’t sell your info. However, when you registered to attend we did asked for your permission to share your contact information with our conference Sponsors and Associate Partners, for the particular event your registered for. Our Associate Partners and Sponsors may also connect with you through the conference event platform on


If you are posting a question during a meeting or session, your user name may be visible to other members or attendees at the time. Replies will not be sent directly to your personal email, however you may receive a notification that a reply has been posted. It is also important to know, some sessions may be recorded or broadcasted live. We try not to use tracking or cookies, however because you have a secure membership profile on our website, it may remember who you are from time to time. And Google also uses cookies.

If you are using a web browser that stores your passwords it may ask you for permission to add our website: or to your profile. This is in your full control.

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